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Hi, I am Joost Daniels and I am very passionate about taking photographs of the natural world, with the occasional manmade elements thrown in. You'll find me atop mountains (preferably in snow), near/in/under water and on safari. I spend a lot of time planning, traveling, scouting, hiking and shooting in order to document the adventures I go on, and to produce what some call fine art photographs. Personally I think that is a weird term, because is there such a thing as non-fine art???

To buy my art, schedule a shoot or join me on an adventure, use the contact link at left. I teach photography, too!

If you want to know more about my background and how I started doing photography, I invite you to read my little essay below...

See you in the wild!


[* cue standard 'started photography as kid, learning from dad' background story *]

Ever since I was a kid my dad encouraged me to take pictures, starting out with simple 35mm compacts and (quite soon) moving on to film SLR's. I consider myself very lucky that whenever my dad bought a new camera, I got his 'old' one, and he always let me borrow his lenses. I got one of my best birthday presents ever when I turned 15: my first Digital SLR!

Growing up, my parents always took me and my sisters along on their travels to the most exotic of places, so I've had a lot of opportunities to take pictures on remote locations. Therefore, early on I started taking images of some pretty epic places, ranging from my home country The Netherlands to Iceland and Australia (and many more).

A major change in my development as a photographer was when I first picked up a digital camera that was fitted in an underwater housing, enabling me to take pictures of the unique underwater world. By that time I had been diving for several years already, but had never really been interested in underwater photography. From the first dive with my brand new 'compact' underwater setup I was hooked though! Ever since, I have challenged myself to show family and friends who choose to remain topside (a mistake, if you'd ask me!) the underwater world at its prettiest through my pictures. Oftentimes the pictures turned out to be more colorful than I remember the subject looking, thanks to the use of powerful underwater strobes to bring back the color that is filtered out by the water.

Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area I have been focusing more and more on landscape photography in California and other West Coast states. Be sure to check out the pictures of what might just be my #2 favorite National Park of all time: Yosemite NP. Oh, my #1? That must be Arches National Park in Utah.

A physicist and biologist by trade, my work and studies have influenced my style of shooting. If I am shooting animals I love to include a clue of their interesting behaviors. If I am shooting a landscape, the physicist in me gets technical about capturing the light and composition in the best way possible to achieve the sharpest and most detailed result. This includes shooting with long exposure times, in complete darkness or into bright sunlight, and processing the raw image data to replicate the mood of the scene.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and have fun on my site! If you have any questions, comments or remarks, do not hesitate to send me an email through the 'contact' link at left. I'd love to hear from you!

Update: Since moving to the USA I have come across many people wondering what the correct pronunciation of my name is. Joost is a very common Dutch name similar to the English 'Josh'. For all of you English speakers out there, it's pronounced 'Yoast' as in toast with a Y.

Update 2: Every now and then I get asked why I say I am Dutch while I grew up in The Netherlands. Dutch is the nationality of people in The Netherlands, as well as the name of the language spoken there. Although technically not 100% accurate, The Netherlands is often called Holland. Confused? Check out this video.



By Doug Lockhart

By Doug Lockhart

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