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Ordering artwork

Want some of my art on your wall / desk? Great! Let me help you...

There are a lot of picture printing services out there, ranging from cheap (and looking it) to very expensive. I have taken care to select a professional printing partner that can handle all my requests with consistent and very high quality results.I like to provide a ready-to-hang finished product, so that I know with confidence it will look great on your wall. Below I have listed the print options I offer. Regular paper prints are still available on request, but to maximize the size of the actual photograph, I think you will prefer these full-size print options.

Metal Prints

My preferred medium of choice has been the dye-infused metal print, and this has been my best-selling product. The vibrant, glossy surface has an amazing WOW factor and really makes the colors pop. Furthermore, since these prints are actually infused in a hard-coated aluminium substrate, they can stand a beating, will keep their color 2-4 times longer than photo paper and can even be cleaned off. Despite the higher initial cost, the result is a unique, beautiful and long-lasting piece of art. These metal prints are ready to hang, all you need is a nail or screw in the wall, and the float mount will have the print hover off your wall for maximum visual impact.

Canvas Prints

If the modern look of the Metal Prints does not suit your interior or personal taste, a great alternative is a canvas print. This will mimic the style of a classical painting, without sacrificing the vibrant colors of the image. Canvas Prints also come ready to hang, with a wire hanger on the back. As an upgrade, these prints can be mounted inside a black, solid wood float frame, for a stunning presentation.

How to order

The ordering process is simple; in order to make sure you receive what you want I handle each order personally. Just click the link below, indicate which picture you would like to get, what size, and what medium. Usually you will have an email back from me within 24 hours.

The Ancients


Below is an indication of pricing, with free shipping within the contiguous US. Additional sizes are available on request.

Metal prints

12 x 18": $175
16 x 24": $280
12 x 36": $290
20 x 30": $395
20 x 40": $615
24 x 36": $690
30 x 45": $985

Canvas Prints

12 x 18": $245
16 x 24": $315
12 x 24": $330
20 x 30": $420
20 x 40": $510
24 x 36": $560
30 x 45": $785

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