Fun facts - Joost Daniels

Fun facts

Below is list of random facts about us, our families and where we are from, that we think you might enjoy.

Alaska is the largest state in the US and is more than twice the size of Texas and larger than the 22 smallest states combined. It is also bigger than all but 18 countries. Contrary to what many maps make you believe, Alaska is not some island located off of Mexico next to Hawaii.

Joost has a cousin - Stefan - who also married an American girl (Liz).

Alaska's capital - Juneau - cannot be reached by road. At 30000 people it is the third most populous city in the state of Alaska (after Anchorage and Fairbanks).

Kelsey went on her first multi-day rafting trip at the age of 18 months.

Joost was actually born in Canada, at the exact same latitude as his dad (to within a few miles), just 4565 miles (7346 km) apart.

There are more Grizzly bears in Alaska than that the capital has people.

Kelsey and her family lived in New Mexico for a while, where Kelsey spent most of her free time in the pool.

Joost's first visit to Alaska was when he was less than a year old. His second trip was almost exactly 20 years later.

David (Kelsey's dad) has made some very interesting finds on the Alaskan tundra. Ask him about it...

The highest point of The Netherlands (on the European continent) is 322 meter (1059 ft) above sea level. The average elevation of The Netherlands is 11 m (36 ft). A large part of the country is actually below sea level. The highest point in Alaska (and North America) is the summit of Mount McKinley at almost 6.2 km (20,300 ft) above sea level.

8 of the 59 US National Parks are in Alaska (including the 4 biggest ones), together adding up to an area of more than three times The Netherlands. Kobuk Valley is one of those parks. It is the least visited, because there are no roads to the park. The most commonly used mode of transportation to get there is dog sled or bush plane.

Kelsey had a pet moose once.

There is a town in Alaska named  after the Ptarmigan. It is called Chicken.

Joost is from The Netherlands, but not from Holland. There is a difference.

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