Gift suggestions

Of course, the biggest wedding gift you can get us is your presence. Honestly, it may sound cliché, but we are well aware of the effort and expense involved in attending our wedding. We hugely appreciate this!

Several people have indicated to be interested in giving us a wedding present anyway. As you all know, we have been living together for a while and have collected pretty much all essential home items (and then some!). We are currently thinking ahead about our honeymoon and thought it would be a fun idea to let you help us fund our trip! We have a beautiful exotic location in mind: Raja Ampat, in Indonesia. This has been on our wishlist for a long time, for the amazing nature above, but definitely also under water. If you'd like to help us make this trip a reality, if you like, you can do that through this website: Honeymoon Fund

If you would rather go the more conventional way and would like to give us something for our household, we have selected a range of items at Target and West Elm that we think would be great and useful to have.
Find our Target registry here:
Find our West Elm registry here:

Being outdoorsy as we are, we recently picked up backpacking as a new hobby. We have the basics, but there are definitely things we could use to make life easier or more comfortable. Therefore, we've shared our wishlist so you can opt to give us related gear:

If you are not familiar with registries: these allow you to give us gifts that can be sent directly to our home, or picked up by us at a local store, so you don't have to overstuff your already packed suitcase, and we don't have to take them back on the plane to California.

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